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FirstMate Training Portal

FirstMate, a well-known Pet Food Canadian company, wants to have a portal website to help educate pet food store staff to better represent the FirstMate brand and product quality in order to help answer customer questions, provide appropriate recommendations and drive sales of FirstMate and Kasiks brands.


Charli AI

To ensure a successful launch of its new technology, Charli needs a modern SPA to help drive online conversions and customer success through education and support.


BD Hazardous Drug Check App

BD, a global medical technology company, wanted an assessment tool that allowed them to evaluate potential hazardous drug surface contamination in order to provide a summary report for their patients.


Romance Jewellers Inc.

Romance Jewellers has no other advertising campaigns other than the local newspaper. This company has their current website with limited content and no maintenance.


WordPress Development

This category is a compilation of all my WordPress projects after starting my career.


Landing Page Development

I have had opportunities to work with some awesome clients and help them create landing pages to promote their new products and boost their business to the next level.