Timeline: September 2018 - November 2018

Role: Lead Developer, UI/UX Designer

Technologies used: React Native, Redux, Node.Js, Firebase


Previews was the biggest project during my time at BCIT. The purpose of the app is to give users a convenient way to check the name, price, manufacturer, and reviews of a product through barcode. The barcode can be scanned by the smartphone camera which helps the users to find the items easier. The main advantage of Previews is that the app creates a community among the users. Users can leave and read reviews and recommendations from other "Previewers" as well as submit other products that aren’t currently in the database.


As the lead developer of the Previews team, I was responsible to develop the core functions of the app. I also worked with team designers to establish the layout based on user interface. After the testing phase, I was responsible for fixing the bugs on different platforms, as well as packaging and publishing app online. The app was completed one month before the deadline. My team successfully presented it to our instructors, students, and a panel of industry representatives.

Learning Outcomes

I found my passion for Mobile Development during the development of Previews. I enjoyed spending hours to develop and debug every component, functionality, state with React Native and Redux. Following this project, I learned about how essential teamwork was. At the beginning of the idea analysis process, we didn't think we could finish it because the project required an advanced knowledge about mobile development, APIs, and data management. However, we always believed in our potentials, and finally, our efforts for two months have been paid off. We consider Previews our proudest achievement at BCIT.

Live Preview