Timeline: January 2019 - March 2019

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies used: Vue.Js, Socket, Express, PHP, MySQL, AWS Amplify, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon RDS, EC2


Impetus will be my last major project in BCIT. I came with an idea about helping BCIT students to find teammates for playing sports. I realized most of BCIT students only take 2-year programs, and they may have lack of connections with other students. The web application could help students to expand their social network, and help them establish a social life during their time at BCIT.


The project was developed with __Vue.js__. I'm very excited to learn and apply new technologies to this application. I had some problems when I tried to deploy the project to AWS since my application was developed in different languages (JS, PHP), frameworks (Vue, Express) and DB system (MySQL). After dealing with those difficulties, I'm happy when I successfully deployed Impetus before my practicum.

Learning Outcomes

Some features haven't been done yet (Friend list, Admin Dashboard). There are some bugs 🐞🐞 in the Homepage (Upcoming Events, Leaderboard were not shown up). I will go back to fix them when I have time and energy 😆😆😆.

Live Preview