Timeline: January 2019 - March 2019

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies used: Vue.Js, Socket, Express, PHP, MySQL


Impetus was my last major project at BCIT. I came up with the idea of helping BCIT students find teammates for playing sports. I realized that most BCIT students only take 2-year programs, which could mean that they lack connections with other students. My web application gave students the chance to expand their social networks, establishing a more prominent social life during their time at BCIT.


The project was developed with Vue.js. and I was very excited to apply my knowledge of this tool towards the project. A problem I faced was when I tried to deploy my project to AWS since it was developed in different languages (JS, PHP), frameworks (Vue, Express), and DB systems (MySQL). After dealing with these difficulties, I was happy when I successfully deployed Impetus before my practicum.

Learning Outcomes

There are some features that haven't been completed yet (Friends list, Admin Dashboard), as well as some bugs 🐞🐞 in the Homepage (Upcoming Events and Leaderboard not showing up). When I have the time, I will go back to resolve these issues 😆😆😆.

Live Preview